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Cody Ross 
CODY ROSS | Bio | About | Designer | Curriculum
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Cody Ross | Designer Bio | Resume | Fashion
Cody Ross | Designer Bio
Cody Ross designs clothes that are sliced, diced and put together with a whole lot of conceptual pizazz. His garments are fluid and simple, architectural and modern, easy to wear and elegant, progressive but not too over-the-top. With a knack for streetwear and unisex styles, Cody’s approach is complex and distinctive, and has been variously characterized as ‘anarchic chic’ or ‘subversive couture.’ Considering his belief that life is a process of ‘creative destruction’ and constant renewal, it is not surprising that the resulting Cody Ross aesthetic makes for an anarchic collision of the aggressive and the poetic. Further clues to the designer’s mindset are found in his fondness for seditious punk bands, avant-garde art, alt lit reads and dystopic sci-fi motifs.
Working across mixed-media, hi-tech and old-fashion handwork techniques, Cody produces ranges infused with edgy rebellion and sensuality, plus slick tailoring and cool construction. Cody has shown exhibitions, published art + culture essays, designed all modes of fashion, and collaborated with diverse tastemakers. He studied pattern construction at Central Saint Martins and holds degrees in economics and finance from the London School of Economics. Cody’s heroes include Aristotle, Terry and Tricia Jones, Nick Knight, Jefferson Hack, Rick Owens and his mom and dad. He splits his time between NYC and Shanghai.